How the virtual body can substitute where the human body fell short.


Stijn and Ine dream of becoming a travelling family circus. The kind of circus with a cousin on the trapeze, a sister-in-law behind the till, and an uncle who’s a bit long in the tooth to still be playing the clown. But there are only two of them: the smallest family circus in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Children of all ages
Wilkommen, bienvenu, welcome
To the dazzling show at
The Smallest Family Circus In The World
Performing for you

Ramon Chamon is afraid of nothing
Ignat Ignatov throws whatever he can lay his hands on
Dobroslav tumbles down from a dizzying height
Stino Pecorino sets the tent alight
Angela Angel is irresistible, even with her beard
Brian Ballance is the most balanced man in the country

Our artists will have you on the edge of your seat
Young and old will be astonished by the magical world of our circus family!

© Eline Van Riet, Liesbet Grupping, Stijn Grupping

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