Review De Gentenaar

‘Energetic sweat, cadence and detail: Post uit Hessdalen has it all.’

PAKMAN in De Gentenaar: 17 July 2016 I Magali Degrande

To the rhythm of the juggling ball * * * *

The key discovery of the festival is undoubtedly PAKMAN. At least, if you are still able to get to see it, because the small container on Spaanskasteelplein only has room for around twenty spectators. The fact that the current summery temperatures are making it oppressively hot is something that you simply have to take in your stride.

In the small area that the Belgian duo Post uit Hessdalen had available to them, they have minutely recreated a package processing service. Complete with conveyor belt and an old-fashioned thermos flask at lunchtime. There’s some neat wordplay too, for in fact the piece is primarily based on the computer game Pacman (with a ‘c’) in which an open-mouthed smiley tries to catch as many balls as possible. The two men also catch balls as jugglers in their breaks from work. The rubber hits the walls to a rhythm that must have taken a serious amount of practice. A robust underlying drum solo completes the picture. Energetic sweat, tempo and details: Post uit Hessdalen has it all.

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