Review De Standaard

PAKMAN in De Standaard: 13 August 2016 | WOUTER HILLAERT

Future guaranteed

For the last few years, Theater op de Markt has boosted its artistic appeal with tried-and-tested open-air theatre and young, home-grown talent, some of which has matured in the Dommelhof workshop.

In amongst all this great new stuff, Post uit Hessdalen has proved to be a particular revelation. In PAKMAN, the company puts you into a converted lorry, the cramped biotope of a mail order packer. Juggler Stijn Grupping plays the conveyor belt worker of the modern age. He doesn’t so much showcase his ability as make ingenious music with drummer Frederik Meulyzer. Together they depict the rise and fall of our era’s working patterns: ever faster, ever changing. The audience positively laps it up.

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