“The power of their imagination causes the sad package system to fall apart at the seams.”
De Morgen


PAKMAN lives at a faster pace than a mouse can click. 1 package, 2 forms, 3 stamps, 6 signatures, 450 times a day, 159,750 parcels per year in exchange for 10 days’ holiday. PAKMAN criss-crosses the country, making sure that he delivers packages exactly on time. The audience is invited into the back of his small lorry for an intense performance about an inhabitant of our virtual economy who is as lonely as he is invisible.

PAKMAN is an encounter between the rhythms of the juggler Stijn Grupping and the drummer Frederik Meulyzer. Together they explore the rhythm to which ‘this’ era is subject. How does PAKMAN’s enforced speed relate to natural rhythms like his heart rate and breathing? Stijn and Frederik allow the rhythms and routines of their bouncing balls and drums to enter into dialogue. Together they make live music, in which – each with his own instrument – they strengthen, counteract, complement and challenge one another.

PAKMAN is performed in a lorry, which comes to a halt on squares, car parks and playgrounds. There is space in the back for twenty-five spectators to join them.

© FKPH and Robin Reynders

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